Poetry en Plein Air

Poetry En Plein Air: The Poetry of Marianne Szlyk


Collected and New Poems

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Collected and new poems by Marianne Szlyk. She is the author of Listening to Electric Cambodia, Looking up at the Trees of Heaven, a chapbook, I Dream of Empathy, also a chapbook, and the full-length book, On the Other Side of the Window. She also edits The Song Is . . . , a blog-zine for poetry and prose. She teaches English and Reading at Montgomery College in Montgomery Country, Maryland.

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  1. Ryan Quinn Flanagan

    Hey Marianne,

    Next, I sat down to Poetry En Plein Air (great painting inspired title by the way!) I already mentioned my favourites from the first section of the book above. But some of my personal favourites from the other sections were: After The Summer of Young Men in a Hurry (absolutely fantastic poem!!), The Jazz Harpist Lies Sleepless, Travels with the White Ghosts, Walking the Former Orange Line (another personal favourite), My Mother Told Stories (great to hear you read this at your zoom reading the other day), Imagining Empathy, Listening to Electric Cambodia (truly one of the best poems I have ever read, same goes for Narrow as well from last book and The Tree of Heaven from this book as well!!), The Real Antarctica, The River Always Captures Me, The Music of Her Life (a personal favourite, I LOVE Julie London!), At the Museum in the New City, Poet on the Subway (love the whimsy of this piece), Flying into Warsaw in Another Life, We Never Can Live Where We Want, Maryvale Park, 2019 (love that the turtle you mistook for a stone the pervious summer and in the previous book makes a return), Van Gogh’s Les Racines Seen in Summer, 1979, and In the City of Churches (again, one of the best poems I have personally ever read and a perfect way to end the book).

    Both these books are wonderfully written and full of life. They bleed art and jump with musicality. Thanks so much again for sending both them along, my friend! They were both great experiences for me to read.

    All the best,

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