Sample Poem – Kite Sky

Amanda 240

           Kite Sky
6th Street & Boardwalk,
Ocean City, Maryland, 2015

“Sky of my delight . . . ”
Jenni Moore Crocker


The sky was crowded—
it looked like a Times Square
of kites in the air . . .
But you couldn’t look up;
you’d be knocked down

by the crowd on the shore,
shuffling along,
sunburned and bored,
wondering how joy
had eluded them again . . .

Still I saw what the wind
that blows here from Florida
conceals in its robes,
when it slips out of clothes
and goes naked as a god . . .

Would that I could be here
a morning in May,
when the wind is still
cold, and no summer sounds
tamp down the surf,

to watch how like sailors
they get those things up—
Perhaps then I would think
of the winds in our lives,

if we could see the colorful
parasails they hide—
or get a desire
like one of these seamen,
to unfurl a spinner
on a blustery day,
and celebrate the sky . . .


          Poetry Is Mindfulness

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