Sample Poem – Meridian Hill Park


Meridian Hill Park
Statue of Jeanne D’Arc, April, 2016


Here, above the city,
where from this cliff
a battle-clad girl
leads her army of air
into the sky,

a medieval faire has appeared,
as if brought to life
by her charge,
though Moroccan drums
know nothing
of divine passion,
unless spring is divine:

here is the joy of playing
cards on the grass,
and obedient dogs
conjoined to their owners,
and children
tasting freedom—

all brought to life
by a sustaining sun.
No one sees
the young woman behind them,
steel-clad toes
rising lightly
in the stirrups,

highlighted by azure—
We do not even
know her beautiful
that has a different
death in mind,
turned on our bliss,
entirely of this earth.


Poetry is Mindfulness

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