Sample Poem


Destroying Angel
Wuhan Virus, 2020

This is not like
the angel of the Lord who
flew over the roofs
of the people at midnight—
This is an angel who
goes under people
in daylight.

Like bubbles rising
to the surface where whales
are underneath,
fevers and coughing rise
to the surface
among people around us.

People run
to where the bubbles appear,
try to contain it,
but it’s always too late—
Whatever was there
is already gone.

It’s a great time to go out
some people say.
Go to the restaurant,
likely you’ll get in.
The angel passed me
and all I got was the sniffles.

Out there—
Beyond the window,
jonquils nod
in assenting brilliance;
celestial popcorn
on cherry trees
has been placed behind barricades.

I read in a book somewhere
about a pool in Jerusalem
by the gate
of the sheep,
where an angel of the Lord
came down
and stirred up the water.

So much of our lives
are in the hands of powers
we don’t understand,
but for good
or for ill—
it should make us feel better.

From This Perishing World


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