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NOTE: Pony One Dog Press only publishes poetry. We do not consider manuscripts under 76 pp long. We do not publish chapbooks. We also do not publish e-books.

We’re drawn to writers, known or unknown, whose work offers insight and depth, beautiful writing, and the wondrous absorption of reading. Our writers will typically have in mind the reading public as their audience. He/she will not be the kind of writer who merely writes what they think the public would like to read. They will apply the same seriousness and honesty expected in an academic setting to the creating of interesting reading material for the public.

If you think your work might be a fit, we would love to take a look. Please send via email:

1. Cover letter including:

  • Page count of your work
  • A succinct description of your book.
  • Provide titles of two or three published books that compare to & contrast with yours.
  • A paragraph about yourself.
  • Link to your website, if you have one.
  • A couple of links to previous publications, if available.

2. Ten pages of the work you’re submitting, preferably the first 10 pages.

Send everything in the body of the email. NO attachments accepted. If we want to look at your full manuscript we’ll ask.

The subject line should read: QUERY: your last name, the title of your work.

We consider and answer all queries that follow our simple guidelines. If your submission does not follow our simple guidelines it’s deleted without consideration or response. If you don’t hear back from us in about six weeks, either we never got your query or you didn’t follow the guidelines; please review the guidelines and try again.

Our email address is: [email protected].

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